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Myers-Briggs: INTP (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Prospecting)
Enneagram: Type 8, the Challenger, Type 1, the Reformer

I create. I educate. I be thinking. When I'm not adulting, I'm all about exploring possibilities outside of established boundaries, and making sure people are informed, creative, and intentional about the future. I love brunch. I do my own acrylic nails. I recharge by hanging out with my husband and my baby. I'm obsessed with stationery and pens.


About my work experience

I entered the workforce at 16, but I started my most meaningful work in 2011 when I joined Oasis College Connection. I was able to give young people from my own neighborhood information and tools for the success they wanted. When the grant that funded my position ended, I founded Epicenter to continue the work and got a “real” job to pay the bills. I have a talent for numbers and data analysis so for the last four years, I’ve been employed in that capacity in some way or another. Though I dissolved Epicenter when life took me to St. Louis, I’ve always found a way to work in the community on my own time. In St. Louis, I started a brunch club with a fellow transplant in order to connect with local women. We also organized a monthly storytelling event to enjoy some of the diversity we were missing at work. And when I returned to Nashville, I co-founded Women of Color Collaborative specifically to pour into women of color.

I’m always doing something on the side. I've had the privilege of designing and managing media for several awesome local businesses and talented folks. It’s time for my job and my “side gig” to be the same gig. I’m seeking a fulfilling position that will allow me to do the work that excites me without having to hide my computer screen when someone walks by.

About my qualifications

My years working in retail and customer service taught me not to take anything personally, which allows me to remain calm and listen to what people need regardless of how their emotions lead them to communicate.

Working with youth taught me how to read my audience and decide in the moment how to best relate to them.

I’m a millennial and I love my gadgets. I also live for new productivity apps. I got you on the Google/Mac/Microsoft front.

I’m an excellent hype woman for causes and organizations I believe in.


I have been writing and creating for most of my life. I have a way with words, a strong appetite for knowledge, and a deep desire to take things apart to make them better.

I'm building my Werkforce to help my peers get organized and stay productive.

I co-founded Women of Color Collaborative, an intentional safe space, professional incubator, and community for black women.

Through my first nonprofit, Epicenter, I was able to do a few really cool youth projects, and I developed some great youth development workshops and tools, one of which I'm turning into a series of workbooks.

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