Shay is in piss-poor love triangle. We're supposed to believe that she moved to Miami to be with Pleasure P, who broke up with her at the first (maybe third) sign of crazy even though he should have known her well because they were "together" for two years. We're also supposed to believe that Scrappy, the currently married "ex" who quickly and consistently leaves Shay when someone else comes along, just showed up to make things right with her right after she and P break up. And then... We're supposed to believe that each of these men is upset to find out about the other even though they've both fallen out with her. Yeah, ok Monami...

The best thing about this storyline is Baby Blue. He wasn't feeling Shay's brand of crazy in the beginning ("Where you founT this hoe at? A halfway house?"), but ever since Pleasure P said she's cool, Blue has been Team Shay. Although he wanted to keep helping Shay a secret from P, he's not shy about telling other people. It's like the third thing he says to Scrappy while they're sparring at the gym. These men are supposed to know each other but it seems like Blue was just running down a list of conversation starters the producers gave him. I don't think Blue meant to out Shay, but I do think Scrappy knows he's not supposed to be happy about the news.

So Scrappy pops up at Shay's fitness event and Shay immediately starts talking shit about his weight. At a fitness event. That she is hosting. Also... those curves are clearly her type if we're to believe her TV relationships have been genuine... Anyway she goes off on Scrappy. She's saying all the right stuff, honestly. He really didn't have no right to go to Shay's event to check her. She owes him nothing. But perhaps you don't want to be at your own event in a yelling match when you're trying to work on your brand. Blue knows this, so he tries to get Shay together and move things forward: "I think that you handled it bad." Shay listens, steps outside with Scrappy and they reconcile and go their separate ways. Shay needs more friends like Blue. Somebody get him a TV boo and a spot in the opening credits!

Now... Jeffrey is in a very delicious love triangle. It's essentially the same as Shay's but since he's not unstable, it's easier to watch. Jeffrey is on cloud nine right now. He's modeling with Gabby, officially with Malik. Life is good. So good that he's willing to go to Trina's Cousin Bobby's single release party to show support and get some closure. The two have a really cute conversation that allows them to go their separate ways on good terms but leaves the door open for a possible romantic reunion. Jeffrey leaves the party feeling even better, ready to return to playing house with Malik.

Malik, oh Malik... You would think that he would also be on cloud nine since he's (mostly) out and with a man he wants to be with for the rest of his life. But no. He's as angry as ever. He spends part of his evening at a single release party, too. I kinda forgot that the Pooch-Prince mess is still a thing. Pooch the DJ put a song on iTunes and decided to throw a party for it. Prince heard about it and chose to serve up some revenge since Pooch crashed his fashion show. When Pooch's song starts, Prince shows up with a drummer and a parade of colorful dancers. Somehow Malik thinks this is for him, to embarrass him for coming out.

I'm so confused by this. Malik has been using Michelle as a beard for how long? And he doesn't know about her rivalry with Prince? He doesn't think that maybe Prince would be trying to embarrass her at her event? It makes more sense to Malik that Prince would try to humiliate him by sending a bunch of gay people to a place Prince didn't know he would be? No. Malik handled this very poorly. Homophobic rants. Cussing at Prince. Banging on tables. Demanding that random people at the bar not laugh at the hilarious spectacle he's making. It's a mess.

At then end of all this Malik goes home mad and finds out that Jeffrey went to Bobby's party. Now he's livid. Jeffrey walks up to find all two of his bags sitting in the hallway. He's befuddled. Malik starts asking Jeffrey all the important questions: where he was, who he was with, who dat tryna get up in the crew, and so on. Jeffrey doesn't think going to the party is a big deal, but dramatic ass Malik thinks he might as well have been out having sex: "You don't go to an ex and then come home to me!" Well, Malik... You know... how you get him is how you lose him. If Jeffrey wasn't into entertaining exes, yall might not be on this show. Idk... Maybe Malik would have found a way. As much as he likes to pretend to be different from Bobby, they both got the dramatics down pat.