Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims

So... Liz has been keeping her friendship with her boyfriend's nemesis a secret. Which — after that stupid fight she and Prince had last week — has my eyes rolling. But whatever. Shay has the biggest problem in this scene. She goes on this spa date with Michelle who brings Liz. Shay and Liz "bond" over their man problems. They don't know they're both mad at the same woman yet. Shay says to this woman she met hours earlier, "New friend, we're friends forever, if you didn't know." NO girl. Liz is a whole mess. Plus, if Shay's spidey senses were working, she'd keep her distance if for no other reason than because Michelle brought Liz and Michelle isn't all aboveboard.

Jeffrey and Malik have resumed their sexual relationship, of course. And now Jeffrey is telling Malik he's in a relationship. And... as I suspected... Here's Malik asking if Bobby is more "feminim" than he is and how could Jeffrey be attracted to him if he's attracted to that. Right when Malik drops that F bomb as he's differentiating between "types" of gay is when Jeffrey should have decided not to take this huge step backwards. Jeffrey understands that "living your truth, no matter how loud it may be, is beautiful." So why would he wanna go back and deal with all this? And then there’s Trina's Cousin Bobby. He doesn't deserve this. I'm glad he stormed out dramatically when he found that ugly ass bag (in the closet, no less). But... again... I watch this show for the drama so I am looking forward to the fight. I just wish it went a different way.

Amara and Veronica's argument should have gone a different way, too. I can see merit in both sides. Amara felt ambushed. While Veronica is just done with the situation and her fuse is short. One of them should have judged the situation a little better. For whatever reason they can't hear each other. Which sucks. Because now that I understand Veronica a lot more than what they showed in the trailer, I like her more. She and I are similar in a lot of ways. (She's a Taurus! An April Taurus... But still!) They should have been able to talk this through.

Just like Gunplay and Keyara should have been able to talk about Miami Tip... Tip is all over Keyara while shooting her video when Gunplay shows up. Should he be mad? Turned on? He's confused. Keyara's in payback mode, proving that she "pull bitches," too. But this is all pointless. Nobody's mad, which means everything would have worked out the same if they all communicated in the beginning.Miami Tip: "Are you single?" Gunplay: "No. And my girl has a fat ass. I think you'd like her."Keyara: "Who is Miami Tip?" Gunplay: "A stripper I used to sleep with who's a rapper I wanna work with now. You wanna meet her?" BOOM. Everybody's all good.

Sidenote: I won't talk about this too much right now, but it's worth mentioning just in case I need to circle back around... Chinese Nicki and Chinese Kitty are both mixed women of color. Shay should not be calling them dogs or mutts. That's a problem.