Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

Typically the men on these shows are trash. "Some things changed" is not the answer to "Are you single," Gunplay. You don't secretly meet up with your ex when you have a significant other, Pleasure P. You don't make an apology contingent on a date, Young Hollywood. You don't tell your wife she'll never find a nigga like you when you won't divorce her, Trick Daddy. Here's an evergreen statement for you, reader: It's always the ashy niggas telling you you'll never find a nigga with lotion. Don't listen. You can have whoever you want under whatever circumstances are mutually acceptable.

So yeah. The dudes sucks, but the women are better. Mostly? Sorta? Ok. Maybe just this episode. First... Shay needs some friends. Real friends. Michelle Pooch ain't it. She has some real issues with men and she needs someone to tell her the real, support her, lift her up, tell her she's wrong. And it's not that this person needs to be a woman. It needs to be someone she's not sleeping with. And someone who isn't as messy and lost as she is. If these friends exist, we need to see them on the show.

Now... Amara's friends heard what Young Hollywood said to her and their reaction was twofold. They validated her feelings and wiped her tears. And then they confronted Young Hollywood. I know from the trailer that this won't stay all hunky-dory. But THIS is what real friends do.

Speaking of real friends... Keyara goes to confront Miami Tip about Gunplay, but Tip isn't biting. This isn't your ordinary Love and Hip Hop confrontation. First... Tip could care less about a Gunplay. She flirts because she wants to. Second... Tip is comfortable with herself and knows what she wants. So Keyara comes in with this nice big ole ass and Tip says, "Gunplay who?" Clearly… Tip has her own lotion.