Good Hair

Good Hair

So... we pick up right where we left off with the mess at Prince's fashion show. I don't know if Liz is just putting on for the camera, but this all looks dumb. Liz looks stupid and so does Michelle. I don't know why she thinks she's better than Prince. The beef is unclear. But she's just a fuckin DJ and she's on Love and Hip Hop with the everybody else. She's not special. It ain't like she's Trina. Or even Trina's Cousin.

Anyway... I guess I'm just sick of the Pooch-Prince storyline and when he told her to just "make a call then," I was like, YES! If she can end him, she should just do it. All this bickering and talking about it is boring and tired.

Speaking of fake drama... I'm over the situation with Amara and all her friends off this Young Hollywood shit. Amara's photo shoot was dope and I love an excuse to see Juju. I'm glad Hollywood was sent back in to give Amara a sincere apology. I'm glad points were made and received. This should be it, right?

No! Because now Jojo's in the mix. In the words of Steph Lecor, Jojo is a "pot-stirrin-ass bitch." I understand her taking up for Amara at Steph's concert or whatever, but her story of how it went down gets messier with every retelling. She leaves out the part that Veronica didn't actually say anything about Amara. It's Steph who's working with Hollywood and Steph who said it's time for Amara to get over the situation. And the whole thing was barely bashing. But now Amara thinks she has a loyal friend and runs her mouth about something Veronica said about Jojo. This will certainly come back to bite Amara in the ass.

Now... Shay is in some stupid fake drama, too. But, as always, her deeper issues make it more than just reality show fun for me. It was really hard to watch her scene with P. I don't think he did anything wrong except question Gabby about Prince. The same way he wasn't required to tell Gabby about Shay because they're not together, Gabby isn't required to tell P about Prince because... they're not together.

So when he sits down with Shay, I'm glad because I'm thinking they'll be able to reconcile since P didn't do anything wrong. But Shay is carrying a lot of baggage that keeps her from hearing him. He tells her that she doesn't handle things the right way, which is true. If this was a real relationship, she may have been able to receive that. But no. She hit him with the "you just like all the other men..." and my heart sank. She really, really needs to work on herself before she starts looking for next season's "happily ever after."

Malik is another one... Talking about he plans to be with Jeffrey for the rest of his life. But he's out here introducing Jeffrey as his "friend!" And while Jeffrey may have forgotten that he's already in a relationship, Trina's Cousin Bobby surely has not. After some light cyber stalking Bobby pops up at the pool party. And he must've slapped Jeffrey REAL hard because they don't show it at all from any angle. Luckily the aftermath is good enough: "Jeffrey's not gon calm down." We know, Malik. We know.