Hey Stranger

Hey Stranger

After the unnecessary argument between Shay and Pretty Ricky, Pleasure P had to make his rounds explaining to both sides the point of view of the other. Surprisingly, Baby Blue was very reasonable. "She's gonna be around. Cool. I'll apologize." I didn't expect it. Shay didn't expect it. She and I are here for the mess, but he offered an apology and it was sincere. Problem solved.

Baby Blue and Spectacular are on Team Shay, but they are firmly planted on P's side. So when Gabby pops up at this event that P invited Shay to, the prettiest Rickys try to rescue P by diverting Shay. But Shay isn't a reality show newbie. She goes in the opposite direction from where they're trying to send her. Now P is in a pickle. Baby Blue and Spectacular are right there brainstorming the next plays. Despite whatever happened with the group, these men are clearly #realfriends.

Unfortunately, this show is not about drama-free atonement and friendship. On another set Veronica brings Young Hollywood to Jojo Zarur's boutique opening so that he can apologize to Amara. It does not go well. Obviously. He wasn't sincere. He says didn't like Amara's response and he called her ignorant. All the things you're not supposed to do when you're sorry. Problem NOT solved.

Speaking of problems... We find out Michelle Pooch is a beard for Malik, a comfortably-closeted, gay brand ambassador. The two of them have a probably-scripted conversation at the club wherein Malik says he has to stay in the closet to keep his money. I really hate that he feels this way. He is an attractive man in Miami. Brands will pay him regardless. But, given the ill will and violence levied toward queer people, people of color, and queer people of color, I do understand why he'd rather jump through the hoops of living a double life than be out. Sometimes society whomps.

Anyway... here is the mess we came for. Turns out Malik is Jeffrey's ex boyfriend. They were dating when they were in the closet together. As we know, Jeffrey is now very out and in a very cute relationship with Trina's Cousin Bobby. I wish they didn't put the fight between these three in the trailer. I wish Malik didn't say he didn't want to come out and be "all rainbow city." Because now this delicious love triangle is likely about to become a battle between "feminine" and "masculine" gay men. If the conversation we're having around colorism because of Amara is any indication, then this conversation around gay identity won't be fun on the internet.