I'm Done

I'm Done

Quite a few people are done this week. Joy is done with her marriage and... girl, we know. Yall been estranged for four years. This divorce party isn't even that disrespectful when you consider that he called you and your cousin the "biggest hoes in the game." But I guess... If this is the thing that makes you wanna act, then cool. However... If Joy was really committed to divorce, she would've handed him divorce papers instead of a receipt for a lawyer regardless of what he wants to “give” her. This is much ado for a storyline. And I'm tired.

Shay's not done with the drama. In the words of Pleasure P, she "always feel disrespected," which is true. Now it's Nicky and Kitty. She decides to call a rumble in a strip club parking lot and she brings her goon Dawn all because she saw Nicky and Kitty in a video with Scrappy. Shay wants us to think she's some sort of mastermind and she's meeting with all these people to get some information for some larger purpose. But we watch this show so we know you well. Poor Nicky really came to settle things. She apologized for dragging Shay since she thought Shay was fighting her daughter. For whatever reason, the whole thing takes a turn when Scrappy is mentioned. Shay goes to Scrappy and says Nicky and Kitty tried to fight her and he ain't working with them. Scrappy though... meh. "Get me another stripper."

Keyara is (rightfully) not feeling a relapsing Gunplay. She meets up with Nicky, who gives her enough of a push to go confront Gunplay. He is obviously high when she does: "Don't look at me in that tone of voice!" He’s indignant, can’t believe Keyara thinks he's high, but… he also can't tell her he's not. Anyway... She's unmoved by his chair throwing. I really hope he gets it together soon.

Now... Veronica and this nigga shit. Flat out... Veronica shouldn't use the N-word because clearly she doesn't understand its meaning and impact, it doesn't apply to her, and I have no idea what her being from Hialeah has to do with anything.

“Like, what permits me the ability to say certain things in a certain culture? Like, why am I not? Because my skin isn’t dark enough? But when I walk into a room full of white motherfuckers, guess what happens? They treat me like a 'other.'

“Anytime you’ve been discriminated against, that struggle of being treated different, minority, you a nigga … [Trina being Trina] me being me, Steph being Steph, we all niggas.”

She said some other dumb shit, including calling all the suffering Puerto Ricans niggas and telling us her great grandmother is "from Africa," but that quote is the main problem. The moment is pretty light and quick on the show. Trina's response in her confessional helps us move on: "[Veronica Vega]'s from Hialeah so she feels that she's some part black so with that being said... that's her business."

Let's start at the top. Nigger is a slur specifically intended to disparage black Americans. Period. Well before American slavery and on through Jim Crow, the slur was in nursery rhymes and games and everyday, regular-ass conversations. It's added to other words to create the worst slurs to belittle other marginalized groups (think: "sand-nigger"). It's added to still other words to convey poor quality or proximity to blackness: "niggerlover," "nigger rich," "nigger rigged," etc. Black people "reclaimed" the word early in the Black Power days, but much like women and "bitch" or gay people and slurs against them, we can do that.

This is relative status. Roles change with context, but one thing that stays the same is that if you're outside of a targeted group it's offensive to use a slur against them. The N-word doesn't have anything to do with struggling or being poor. It's solely about being black. Thus, it clearly doesn't apply to Veronica, a blonde-haired, fair-skinned Cuban- and Venezuelan-American. Whatever she's been through, it's most certainly not the oppression that comes with being at the bottom of the ethnic hierarchy.

Lastly... as much as Veronica says "I'm from Hialeah" to justify her thoughtless use of a racial slur, you'd think Hialeah is a black neighborhood. (Not that it would help her case if it was...) But no. Hialeah is a White Latin suburb of Miami, itself a pretty Latin city. Maybe Hialeah is the hood. And maybe poor people live there. But I think I would rather live there than in Liberty City, where Trina is from (as Veronica tells us as she tries to put herself on the same level as Trina).

I don't want to hate Veronica because it seems like she's being made the villain based on a misunderstanding. But it looks like now she's trying to give me a reason.

Alright... I'm done now. If you wanna keep reading and you wanna read something better written than this, Aliah Luckman turned her brilliant set of tweets into a full post. Take a moment and learn a thing today.