Real Talk

Real Talk

If you've been paying attention to my Mess Maps then you noticed that just about everybody was connected last week. This week we have something a little similar: a cast member jumping out of his storyline and into another. This week Pleasure P is "dating" Joy. Now... I don't believe for a second that these two are really into each other, but this is one of my favorite Love and Hip Hop twists. From Safaree and Juju on LHH: New York to the cross-country, cross-season Rich and Moniece saga, I'm here for mixing up the mess.

So anyway... Joy feels like she can date publicly now, even though nothing about her marriage has changed. She decides Trina needs to double date with her, suggesting that Trina bring her boyfriend(who's pretending to be just her friend for the show) and omitting the identity of her intended date. Trina and I were surprised to see Pleasure P sitting there with Joy. Trina because P is a player and Joy don't need him, and me because the show makes it seem like the cast doesn't know each other across storylines. But how could they not know each other? They're on the same show in the same city.

Joy tells P that she saw Shay out with Scrappy and P seems unhappy about it. Little does he know... Shay is out here "getting money" with a prettier ricky, Baby Blue. This shouldn't be a surprise; Blue has been licking his lips longingly at Shay since he apologized for calling her a bitch from a halfway house. He also seems like the type to joke about smashing, but be totally with it if you are... But here we are. He does "marketing" and Shay has a "brand," so they decide to work together. Blue decides not to tell P.

Big mistake. Blue should have told P. Not to ask permission, but to give a heads up for the sake of their friendship. It seems like they already had to do some work to reconcile some past beef and Blue knew that P would be upset to find out that Blue's working with his ex. If it's just business, it shouldn't have been a problem to let P know. If not for loyalty, than to avoid the awkward confrontation between P and Shay he was literally in the middle of. Now Baby Blue's been blocked.

Shay for her part didn't owe P any kind of explanation. She's single and apparently she's beefing with P. She shouldn't have been talking so much shit about him, though. Just a couple episodes ago he was the love of her life. And maybe she could have chosen a more flattering wig?

Speaking of wigs... Veronica wants us to know that Amara wears one. ...ok. If Amara is wearing a "Party City wig," then Veronica has on a Party City braid. But that's neither here nor there. Amara's issue with Young Hollywood wasn't about hair. It was about colorism. Amara's issue with Veronica wasn't about Young Hollywood. It was because Veronica doesn't get it and jumped up like she wanted to fight Amara. Veronica may be right to be upset at Amara for running her mouth to Jojo. But the rest of this beef seems to be miscommunication and it's getting blown out of proportion. And this derisive assertion that Amara wants fame? Well, yeah. Veronica, too. Yall are on this show. Together. To be famous.

Sidenote: Two episodes with Trina's Cousin Bobby and I am not happy about it. And while we didn't get the Rick Ross feature I had hoped for, I'll take it.