Reunion Rundown: Love + Hip Hop Miami Season 1

Reunion Rundown: Love + Hip Hop Miami Season 1

Family reunions are special events that give you the opportunity to check in with your favorite aunt from across the country, sneak some liquor with your favorite cousins, and catch up on all the drama from Uncle Ron's forth divorce or Aunt Judy's second facelift. Reality reunion shows are similar: the whole cast gets together for hours and a host (Andy for the Housewives) grills them about their favorite moments, all the drama from the season, and their plastic surgery.

The whole season is supposed to be the cast just living their lives and whatever happens, happens. In contrast, the reunion is very structured and scripted. They're on a closed set and the host is like an audience surrogate reading viewer questions from cards. The cast sits pretty on a panel in carefully arranged seats. A surprise guest or the (remaining) husbands join the group for a moment when it's appropriate. The cast sees clips from the show and they discuss them. They argue a little about drama that's popped up since they stopped filming. Friends reconcile or... realize they were used for revenge against another friend. Usually we get backstories and motives. It's a lovely way to wrap up a season.

Love and Hip Hop reunions are a special mess because there are a million storylines and cast members. The seasons are built on drama and the drama just gets worse in the time between the wrap and the reunion. The cast is also probably drinking. And because Love and Hip Hop has 25+ characters, the stage is a rotating panel of relevant people depending on the topic. While the main players are on stage, everyone else sits on couches in front of the audience. And everyone is mic'd so everyone gets to talk whenever they feel like it. Security is everywhere. Oh, and there is an audience.


1. Hearing Trina say that Bobby is from her dad's family and she don't mess with them makes things a lot clearer. It's good to hear him say that he understands her and she speaks to him more is good news.

2. Trick Daddy didn't come on this show and be all homophobic. Which is sorta what I expected. He also looked like he was having a lot of fun during the reunion.

3. Gunplay and Keyara seem to still be together. Their story seemed like the most honest one all season.

4. Malik and Jeffrey break up. I hate Malik. Jeffrey deserves better. So while it sucks that Jeffrey was blindsided, he'll win in the end.

5. For once the cast member songs aren't bad at all. Even though the cast is supposed to be all musicians and artists, I never watch the performances. Trina and Trick's song is nice, and so it Amara's.

The Bottom

1. Why did they spend any time talking about Bobby and Alvin? If they don't know why they're beefing, why should we care?

2. Clearly Young Hollywood was trying to embarrass and discredit Amara, which is trash. The whole rehashing of the hair shit was wack and Young Hollywood is trash.

3. Veronica Vega is trash, too. I really wanted to like her. But she sat on this stage and said she's black with a straight face and nobody questioned her at all. Trash.

4. Jojo and her family. We don't know these people. This story is interesting, I guess. But I had a hard time caring about them.


1. Alvin, Pleasure P, Joy, Trina
Trick, Gunplay, Miami Tip, Bobby

2. Slick Em, Spectacular, Pleasure P
Baby Blue, Shay, Michelle Pooch, Gunplay

3. Malik, Veronica Vega, Pooch
Tip, Bobby, Joy, Jeffrey

4. Bobby, Jojo, Juju, Amara
Young Hollywood, Steph Lecor, Veronica, Trina

5. Kitty, Nicky, Prince
Pooch, Liz, Shay

6. Gunplay, Joy, Trina, Trick
Shay, Baby Blue, Dawn, Pooch

7. Kitty, Nicky, Keyara
Gunplay, Tip, Trick

8. Amara, Jojo's Mom, Jojo
Jojo's Dad, Malik, Pooch


Michelle Pooch, Malik, Liz, Young Hollywood, Veronica Vega, Steph Lecor, Jojo's family, Chinese Nicky and Kitty.