Saints + Sinners

Saints + Sinners

Let's see if I can identify the saints and sinners in this episode...

It was very decent of Prince to make Malik feel comfortable enough to come out. And he didn't even say "I already knew," which is sorta what I expected him to say. Hopefully he keeps his word and he doesn't tell anyone, even though he doesn't think it's a big deal. I understand why coming out can be terrifying and things will be (are?) different for Malik. But I think he'll be much happier with everything on the table, especially if he truly wants a future with Jeffrey.

I guess Trina is also in the "Saints" category because of her efforts to fix the situation with Trick and Joy. She's right that they need a mediator. She's just not the one. And Dawn? No. Nope. It's cool. She needs to go back to Atlanta. And Trina needs to let Trick and Joy be estranged or... whatever they're going to be.

Keyara and Gunplay are blurring the lines a bit. Gunplay may be self medicating with cocaine, but he's dealing with the death of a loved one. He's lying to Keyara about being in the studio all night, but he did turn down the shenanigans with Nicky, Kitty, and Scrappy. (What a trio...) These two really just need to communicate a little better. Gunplay should be leaning on Keyara for support if he's not going to put it all into his music.

Speaking of Scrappy... Why is he even here? He has no clear ties to Miami (which is just one reason it didn't make sense to build this show around him). But here he is popping up on Shay conveniently after her “break up” with Pleasure P. This would have been a delicious story if we didn't all know that Scrappy is very happily married to Bambi now. So whatever the situation was at the time of filming, it's totally different now and thus this story is spoiled.

Still... considering their history, it sucks that we have to watch Shay engage with him. Even suckier that we know it will somehow blow up in her face. I've developed a soft spot for Shay. She's problematic, defensive, messy, etc. But she the brunt of a lot of damage on these shows. She deserves better. This farce with Scrappy ain't it.

Veronica is in some classic Love and Hip Hop girl drama with Jojo. And that makes them this episode's "sinners.” Jojo instigated the drama in the name of loyalty to Amara, who she appears to have met just once before she stirred the pot. This confuses Veronica because she's known Jojo longer. But whatever. The issue on the table here becomes Jojo trying to make it clear that she's better than Veronica. Though Veronica firmly asserts, "We not different. You wanna be, but we ain't." And right on cue, proving Veronica's point, Jojo throws a drink at an unmoved Veronica. I couldn't have choreographed it any better.