A Mad Tea Party

A Mad Tea Party

RHOA is back from its break and this episode is dropping some balls of yarn I'm sure we'll be pulling from later.

Kenya's working on a domestic violence PSA with Derek Blanks and I'm just happy she’s engaged in a story that’s not about her husband we don’t get to meet. She's also not in any mess this episode, which is different. But it's cool. We don't get a lot of positivity from Kenya, but when we do, it looks good on her. The PSA includes most of the cast. Sheree was in a car accident on the way to the set and still, everything went very well. It's a testament to what can be accomplished when there's no ego and shade involved. I'm happy they were able to get it done.

Meanwhile... Marlo invites Nene, Cynthia, and Porsha to her house for the titular "mad tea party" to try to mend whatever is going on between Nene and Porsha. Of course this does not go too well. When it becomes clear that Porsha doesn't understand the issue, Nene checks out. This group accomplishes nothing because there is plenty ego and shade involved. The only thing I got from these scenes was that it's time for Marlo's peach. I mean... we're finally filming in her house! What's the hold up?!

While we're here... I'm really over Sheree's Tyrone story line. Nene called him a con artist or whatever. Sheree doesn't like that so she starts deflecting and bringing up Nene's mug shot. She can't act like the crimes Tyrone was convicted of are on the same level as whatever Nene was booked and released for. Or like Nene is the only one who has an opinion on her dude. In any case... I'm sick of talking about it. We all got mug shots, if we're being honest... I do. Nene does. Gregg, too. Unfortunately, so does Sheree’s son Kairo. But Marlo... she takes the peach.


Kenya's shooting a PSA. Sheree's fishing for Chateau compliments. Kandi's hiring. Nene's the type of friend who will help you find a divorce lawyer. Porsha's the type of friend who'll... tweet support for you? Cynthia's just happy to be invited, chile.


Block's other daughter works at OLG, which begs the question... How is he doing with Riley?

Speaking of OLG... 70% of the reviews are 3 stars or below] So... are all those lines of people just showing up to watch a train wreck?

Rickey Smiley is very smart about his business. His radio show is currently mentioned or featured on three TV shows right now: Rickey Smiley for RealGrowing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, and this one.