All Aboard the Shady Express

All Aboard the Shady Express

This show does not deal with feelings very well. I know it seems like this show is nothing but feelings because these women are always yelling or crying or confronting someone. But no. The Housewives shows are just a series of set ups, call backs, and pay offs. Feelings can get in the way of a good story or they can be manipulated into a good story, but they rarely seem genuine. However, Cynthia is a genuine person and she’s feeling a lot of ways. Luckily for us, her feelings fit the story.

First... Cynthia, like the rest of us, want to know what Porsha has done for any of her friends. Nene runs down the list of things she's done for Porsha while Porsha runs down the list of issues Nene's had with all of the other women. It's true... Nene has had run-ins with the whole cast and their friends, but they're cool now. This is probably because her worth as a friend is greater than her cost. When it’s all said and done, Nene gives as much as she takes in friendships. And as Cynthia reminds us, friendships work both ways.

Porsha has a really awkward conversation with Kandi on that so-called "Shady Express" about Xscape: "I hope me and her get back good because I really wanna go to that show." No, Porsha. That's not how friendships work. She's on here acting like Kandi should just forgive her because she said sorry. Like she was just a victim of Phaedra. Like she wasn't out here making up and spreading her own lies -- lies with legal repercussions at that! Ain't no "getting back good" after that. And thus... Kandi eloquently lets her know, "I ain't inviting yo ass!"

But... I digress.

Cynthia doesn't care that Porsha is on the outs with everyone. On the trolley, Porsha was overwhelmed by her own grief when Kenya was talking about her grandma. When Porsha walks off, Cynthia follows. And you know it's genuine concern because Cynthia is "bigger than the bullshit." She shares with Porsha how she got over her own issues with Nene. Basically... Cynthia is telling Porsha to grow up.

Remember those friend lines we've been drawing between Nene + Marlo and Cynthia + Kenya? Well we get some more here. Marlo decides they're gonna throw Kenya a wedding because Sheree wants to make Kenya smile since she's been down about her grandma. Nene (correctly) says it's best to surprise Cynthia right along with Kenya: "I think it's best we keep Cynthia in the dark just like Kenya did when she had her real wedding." HAAAAAA!

The wedding goes well and Kenya has to leave for her grandma's funeral and we get right down to Cynthia's feelings. The women start debriefing and talking about Kenya, but Cynthia leaves because she's a real friend and she's not here for the behind-the-back shit. I agree with Cynthia that Kenya's relationships are scrutinized the most. I even think these bitches are wrong that Kenya needs to flaunt her husband around because Kenya doesn't have to prove anything to anybody. BUT. Cynthia can't act like it's not up for discussion or that it's unusual for people to want to meet or know their friend's husband.

And therein lies the root of Cynthia’s feelings. She thought she and Kenya were better friends than what it seems now. She does feel like she should know Marc and should have at least known the wedding was going to happen. Kudos to her for being able to admit it without doing something she'll have to apologize for first.


Nene keeps her friends close and at some point has said all of them should be kicked off the show. Porsha thinks Nene is listening to the wrong people (and maybe Phaedra told her that). Kandi is trying to fade into the background and keep her aggression toward Porsha very passive. Sheree is in a very sweet mood even though everybody is talking about her. Kenya gets married. Cynthia is a grown ass woman.


For those of you who are as confused as Porsha: Tokyo is in Japan, not China.

They really could have cut these three episodes better. The cliffhangers don't pay off the way I'm assuming they were supposed to. It just wasn't that satisfying.

Porsha was seated with Kandi and Kenya on that train ride. I don't wanna hear nothing about what seats were "left" when she "got back." Whatever, Bravo.