All White Never Forget Showdown

All White Never Forget Showdown

There are two appearances in this episode designed for shock and awe, but I only care about one of them. Marlo Hampton, by far my favorite HOE friend, came through Nene's door halfway through to save this boring ass episode. She really just needs her own peach. They put Delores on RHONJ. Certainly there's room for Marlo. But whatever... all the snoozefests of the first half were just to get us ready for the showdown of the title, Nene's “All White Never Forget Girls and Gays” party.

So listen... There's some shit you can only say to your friends. The second half of this episode is FULL of things that really don't need to be said, especially not in mixed company.

“The girls and the gays are like the new couple alert...”
Nah, Nene. You have homosexual friends, but y’all aren't a couple and they certainly aren't like... bags that you pick to take to a party. But maybe you and your gay friends hang tough and you feel close enough to call them “your gays.” I've been there. And clearly the gentleman you announced this party to didn't see an issue. But it becomes a problem when you make it A Thing and ask other “girls” to “bring their favorite gay” to your house for a soiree. No no no no no. Your intentions may have been “pure,” and Derek J may have attended despite is reservations, but this is not the move.

Ok, ok, ok... obviously I don't have a problem with calling my friends bitches. Hoes. Trollops. Wenches. Etc. It's fine, it's fun, it rolls off the tongue. But there's no way I'm calling a woman I don't know any of these names. It probably wouldn't go over well if she tried it with me either. It's just not cool. The word isn’t meant to stand alone without rapport or context. But perhaps worse than using these words with women you don't know is using them with women you used to know...

The other appearance we're supposed to be happy about is the “return” of Kim Zolciak. Personally I prefer they keep her trash in her own neck of Bravo. For whatever reason, the all-black HOE cast needed token white woman, and they dragged this one out of some hole somewhere and had her saying dumb, offensive shit like “I'm really a black woman in a white woman's body.” Pretty much everything this bitch says is a faux pas, and I'm not here for her at all.

So in her scenes here with the rest of the cast, she's punctuating all her sentences with “...BITCH.” And that's not cool. It's unacceptable behavior in public, especially from a from a white woman who likes hanging out on the bigot borderlines when she's sitting with a group of black women. She and Nene aren't friends. But Nene, ever the polite host, accepts Kim's digs graciously -- by throwing "BITCH" back at her. Seems right to me.

“...didn't they cut it off during your reassignment surgery?”
Kenya. Girl. No. You cannot say this. It's true, Kim does seem unusually interested in you and some may refer to her interest as a “hard on.” But we know Kim is not a man. And using '“reassignment surgery” as an insult further marginalizes our transgender friends. SO maybe you do talk about dicks this way with your trans friends at brunch or something. But you cannot say these things to others and certainly never as an insult.

“See who's dick she'll suck for John Legend tickets.”
Now... Kim maybe brought this on herself with that crazy ass tweet to Chrissy Teigen. However, Kenya probably shouldn't have thrown this in Kim's face during an argument. Most inside, off-color jokes sound different coming from a bitch you don't like. We all know Kim is trashy and tasteless so this type of “joke” is right up her alley. But still, offering up your daughter to blow anybody is too far. She claims we don't know her relationship with Chrissy, but that's exactly my point! She should've just texted Chrissy that shit if she needed to say it. And then Kenya would only have Kim's lips to talk about.


Kandi's a cover girl who doesn't pack her own bags. Porsha made up with her sister so she could continue to film scenes. Kenya and Sheree are going to spin classes together now. Cynthia's got an age-appropriate date. Nene doesn't want you to forget even though you never knew.


Throughout this episode, the reactions to these statements have been mixed. Marlo's reactions are the best.

While we're bring HOEs back... What is Lisa Wu doing?

Seeing Nene at the beginning of the episode with puffy eyes and no makeup made me kinda sad, but also really glad Gregg is ok.