Barcelona Breakdown

Barcelona Breakdown

Before the season started, pictures from this trip, including several shots of the ladies filming the dinner from this episode, started popping up on Instagram. We got the dirt about Kenya not going and Porsha leaving early, too. And then there was the Marlo-Porsha fight tease in the mid-season trailer. So I have been waaaiting for this episode.

The ladies had a good second day in Barcelona. Nene got them hotel rooms so they could stop complaining about the villa. Looks like they had a lot of fun riding go carts, even though Porsha's horrible driving made hers “defective.” And Marlo decided she was done poking Kandi.

By dinner, the group was feeling nice, drinking lots, eating delicacies. The good vibes let them get back to one of their favorite hobbies: talking shit about each other's houses. Nene might have roaches. Cynthia shops at IKEA. Porsha's doormat is too small. Nene's had enough of this conversation though. "Why y’all always talking each other's houses?" Porsha also sheds some tears because… her mom gave her that doormat. And since it's Porsha's turn to get Marlo's digs, it's Marlo who says, "The mat made you cry, but not what you did to Kandi?!" Yay drama!

Marlo is drinking and she's not really taking anything seriously. Porsha on the other hand is getting more upset by the second and taking this time to tell Marlo how she really feels. That Marlo isn't taking anything seriously is only making things worse. Porsha is actually mad. And maybe she has reason to be. But she's doing that thing she and Shamea do where they pretend not to be angry while telling the person they're mad at why they're mad. It's very annoying. Tonight Porsha has a prop, the fan that the expert reality show storytellers at Bravo made sure to let us see the cast members buy earlier. And what do these ladies do with props? That's right. Wave them in each other's faces.

We already know that Porsha's been in anger management and much of the cast questions whether it actually worked for her. What's becomes clear is that Marlo's anger management courses absolutely worked for her. Marlo lets Porsha have her fun with the fan, blocking Marlo's view of other ladies and such. And when she's had enough, Marlo tries to yank (but ultimately has to pry) the fan from Porsha's clenched fist. This is too much for Porsha and she hops up. Because that's what you do when you're about to fight. Security comes, but no worries. Marlo didn't stand up. In fact, she's still talking to other ladies as if nothing has happened.

I'm here for aaall of this. This is what I expect from cast trip episodes, especially with this cast. Porsha knows she shouldn't be waving anything in anybody's face. She also knows not to stand up to fight anybody. And in a foreign country? Giiirl... it's not that serious. We get the usual aftermath with the two sides unloading with their allies about what just happened and getting in all their shade for the other party. It's all fine and dandy to me until Porsha calls Marlo a "street person."

So... way back when black people were literal property in this country, there were some free blacks who were able to acquire property and amass some wealth. They wanted to be accepted in white elite society. But unless you were passing, this wasn't happening. So instead, these black people became our kind of people and created their own elite groups and institutions and modeled their lives after wealthy whites. Their groups were super exclusive and some blacks who were outside of them spent generations trying to get in. If they ever did, they spent a lot of time trying to prove their authenticity and out impostors to further demonstrate how down they were.

Here you have this cast of women with means living in a predominantly black city where black people are doing the best economically and they can't stop talking about labels and who has the best house and who has fake stuff. Porsha is Hosea Williams's granddaughter, which gives her some elite status in Atlanta. Marlo on the other hand has several mugshots and a questionable work history. Both of these women have some money, but when Porsha calls Marlo a "street person" and Marlo start’s running down all the things she thinks are fake about Porsha, both of them are engaging in what amounts to internalized oppression.

But whateeever... Nobody is thinking about any of this. The deepest thing about this episode is Porsha's guilt and the emotional weight she's carrying from being around people she thinks don't like her. The argument with Marlo is too much and it leads to a very real and very tender conversation with Nene.

Porsha wants everyone to move on from last season, but Nene points out that she has to own her part in that situation first. Porsha took part in a very public, very loud attempt to take a member of this group. Her apology needs to also be very public and very loud. But she's not trying to do that. Until she does, she's going to continue to carry this weight. She's going to continue walking away from conversations and leaving trips early. The group is going to continue to bring it up. And she has to let them.


Cynthia wants to kiss a girl. Nene wants to be a big sister again. Kandi's not talking about her fight with Porsha because everyone else is. Sheree thinks people in America prisons live better than people in Spanish villas. Kenya is somewhere being Mrs. Daly.


Nene: "Do anybody have roaches these days?" Sheree: "I ain't seen nobody with a roach in a long time." Petty Ass Bravo: Cut to a scene of Sheree stomping on a bug at the Chateau last month. Zoom in. It's a roach.

"Get our Absolut doe..." - Nene

Eva is so lost in this group. All they do is throw "shade grenades" and it doesn't look like she's feeling it.

In addition to Our Kind of PeopleNegroland: A Memoir and The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities are good reads.