Chateau Get Down

Chateau Get Down

For an episode full of conflict, it was quite boring. Basically Sheree is throwing a 70’s-themed party for her mom's 70th birthday, which is a really sweet thing to do. But we can't just have an episode full of sweet shit. We have to wade through some tension to get there...

First up... Porsha. She only films with her family, so how do they make her interesting? Make them argue! Lauren has her own life, but she's a good sister so she's here to keep Porsha company. They work together, or Lauren works for Porsha, iono. They live together, or Lauren lives with Porsha because of issues with her baby daddy (who's apparently her fiance now in real life). And now they're opening a hair salon together or... you know.

So Lauren is at Porsha's meeting and she isn't happy because Porsha keeps referring to her company as "my company." At the end of the meeting, Lauren voices her irritation. Porsha gets loud almost immediately. There was a lot of yelling and some dramatics ("I'll be on the street with my daughter"), but the barista in the background appears to be yawning so... meh.

Next, a different type of tension. Gregg's not feeling good. He's having the same kind of heart problems that his father suffered. Nene tries to put on like Gregg is a ball and chain, but she loves that man. I guess you have to in order to divorce and remarry the same man... So Nene is dealing with her sick hubby and playing it cool for the girls. Cynthia thinks she's in denial. I think she just knows what she wants to look like on TV at this point. The parts of her life she wants to keep to herself, she does or she shows juuust enough. Nene is a pro at this reality show shit.

Sheree is, too... At this point all the party planners in Atlanta should know better than to try her. This time around, Sheree was actually acting appropriately. She was chill, trying to get linens and things. But then... Tiffany the Party Planner decides not to show up to finish the job 90 minutes before the party starts. She sent a text message saying she sensed some TENSION that doesn't align with her business practices. Somehow failing to show up for a job DOES align with her business practices. Tiffany the Party Planner deserves... a lot. But at the very least Sheree should've mentioned her company by name...


Porsha is still boring. Cynthia is still dating. Nene still loves Gregg. Kandi still don't wanna be in Xscape. Kenya is still married. Sheree still has static with party planners.


It's always good to see all the kids. I'd love to see the one who made Nene a glam-ma, but he's got enough to worry about. =[

I'm clearly not Kenya's biggest fan, but I do not like these shots of crying and leaving random voicemails alone. Like... why are they trying to make her seem insane?

Nene just walked into Kenya's house. Do these women leave their doors unlocked?