Driving Miss Kim

Driving Miss Kim

Bravo's being all cute with this episode title. The ladies are annoyed that Kroy chauffeurs Kim around. Miss Daisy was chauffeured around. So Driving Miss Kim... Get it? wink, wink, eye-roll.

If you've never seen Driving Miss Daisy, don't. Or do? I don't know. It kinda pissed me off. It's about this white woman and her black chauffeur over the course of about 25 years in Atlanta, GA. It starts in the 1940s and "Miss Daisy" is an old widow who lives with her black maid (named Idella, played by none other than one of Hollywood's favorite mammies, Esther Rolle. Daisy crashes her car because, well... she's hella old and shouldn't be driving in the first place. Her son, Boolie, decides that she needs a driver so he employs Hoke, played by Morgan Freeman, of course.

Now... if you've been watching RHOA for a while, you might remember that before Kroy came around, Kim had Sweetie, her very own Idella/Hoke. The first time Nene called Kim racist it was because of the way she treated Sweetie, her "assistant." Sweetie took care of Kim's kids, managed her money, poured her wine, allowed Kim to talk to her any kind of way. I'm sure Sweetie wasn't too far away in the scenes she didn’t physically appear in. Sorta like Kroy is now...

In the movie, Daisy doesn't want Hoke driving her at first, but it doesn't take her long to get real comfy with her flexible and obedient driver. Hoke drives her to Alabama for a party and they "bond." They come across some racist police officers and at this point, we're supposed to see that Jewish Daisy receives the "same" racist treatment that Hoke does. [But like... Hoke has to pee on the side of the road because he isn't allowed to use the restrooms at any of the gas stations along their route. Daisy is a white woman in the south who can afford a maid and a chauffeur, so I don't have to tell you that she's allowed to go wherever she wants...] Anyway... dementia starts to take over Daisy and Boolie puts her in a home. She says Hoke is her best friend and the movie ends with him feeding her some pie.

Kim liked to call Sweetie her friend, too. ...right before berating her for not moving fast enough or something. Nene said Kim treated Sweetie like a slave and that's when she started playing the victim any time someone called her racist. And let's not forget that she came on this show saying she's really a black woman trapped in a white woman's body...

Anyway, you know an episode is boring if I spent the whole time reflecting on past episodes and a movie I don't like... Even with the drama surrounding Nene's poor handling of a heckler and the epic "Who-the-fuck-you-cussing-at?" Kandi moment, this episode was a huge snooze. This has been the case pretty much all season though. They tease some drama and then they put so much fluff around it that I forget what I'm waiting for and who I'm supposed to be watching. They just filmed the reunion though, so... yay!


Kandi is right. Porsha is not a dumb ass person. Nene is human. Cynthia is still beating the dead Will horse. Sheree is abets bigots. Kenya must have a helluva contract to not appear in all these episodes.


The Spain trip wasn't as spicy as I was hoping for. The drama was there, but the episodes were kinda... meh.

Kim and Sheree are very irritating and I don't want to hear anything they have to say to each other. Luckily both of them had scenes with Kandi this episode or there may not have been much for me to watch this week...

I'm really glad we got to see Cynthia and Marlo hold Nene accountable and support her. Smells Like Real Friendship.