Let There Be Light and Love

Let There Be Light and Love

As viewers we watch with the benefit of hindsight and context. It doesn't stop us from being judgmental or taking sides with our fave even when she's wrong, but we know a lot that the women may not know while they're living the scenes we're seeing.

The girls talk about Sheree and Tyrone a lot and when they innocently bring it up to Nene, she goes off, saying she didn't date him and would never date him. We know now that people have been saying there was something going on with Nene and Tyrone and asking her about it, but it's reasonable to assume that the women didn't know that at the time. In any case, Nene looks hella guilty answering a question nobody asked.

You might remember a simpler time in pop culture and politics when popular HOEs went on The Apprentice at the height of their popularity. There's this flashback Bravo keeps showing where Nene is yelling at Sheree about getting "Trump checks" because she had been a contestant on The Apprentice not too long before. Tyrone has a cameo in that scene, as Sheree calls him on speaker for backup. Around this same time, Nene was divorced from Gregg and letting some wealthy Italian man spend money on her under the guise of "working." (This Italian dude also happens to be at the heart of Nene’s drama with Marlo…) Some people think that this is when Nene went on a date with Tyrone. Or “stalked” Tyrone. Or whatever. Anyway, here we are now, watching Nene repeatedly say, "I knew him before Sheree," "He's a con artist," and "That's Sheree's man."

I'm with Nene on this one. Don't ask her about Tyrone. Don't bring him up no more. That booking, that argument was six whole years ago. Nobody cares anymore. Nene and Gregg have remarried and Sheree and Tyrone are in love. Everybody has moved on. Except RHOA. They've been dragging this on for episodes, creating drama where there really is none. The core issue here is that everything Nene and Sheree say about each other is said to others instead of each other. They're not friends. They're not trying to be. So they'll probably never understand the other side.

But whatever... Perhaps the biggest reason to cut it out with the Tyrone talk is that it makes Sheree look delusional. And I do not like that. She keeps saying Tyrone will get out "soon" or "within a few months" or "some time this year." We all know the answer is 2022. The thing is... Bravo has just about the same hindsight and context that the audience does when they edit the footage and put the seasons together. They knew Bob was trash when they tried to make us like him again. And they know Tyrone's not getting out. I'm not a fan of Sheree as a character on this show at all. But I do think she deserved a better story line this season, especially after the mess with Bob last season. This Tyrone one is tired.

To end on a positive note, I did enjoy seeing the ladies say nice things about each other. Eva and Shamea won't ever be friends. Same with Marlo and Sheree. But it was good to see them acting like the sisterhood Nene called them. Y’all know I love the drama. But in real life I really do love to see black women taking care of each other and being kind to each other when the expectation is that they won't.


Kandi's had a lot of support. Sheree is not a model. Cynthia is though... Nene has never been out with Tyrone. Porsha left. Kenya was never here.


Maybe Sheree isn't a model, but under different circumstances these would be good pics for her prison bae.

Why are they still calling Shamea "Porsha's friend" when she's clearly really "Kandi's friend?"

I'm suuuper bored with the "Cynthia wants to kiss Kandi" shit.