Nightmare on Peachtree Street

Nightmare on Peachtree Street

The finale is finally here! This episode was reeeally meh. Cynthia showed up in drag and Marlo chased Porsha around a party. But let's take a look at where the ladies landed in season 10.

1. Nene
The Queen Peach wasn't in that much mess this season, though it seemed like she would be. Once we got past the episodes where she was beefing with Porsha, Nene was out here living well and hanging out with Cynthia. Despite the controversy that came from her stand up show, Nene seems more mature and measured than she was during her last season on the show. And even though I'm here for the drama, I wasn't at all disappointed by Nene's quiet season.

2. Cynthia
Cynthia was determined to celebrate her 50th all year and have a blast doing so, and I'm glad she was able. She was all love and light, went to everybody's events, invited everybody to hers. She's always middle of the road and noncontroversial, almost to the point of being boring, but this season it was kinda fun to watch.

3. Kandi
As much as I like Kandi, I typically speed right through her scenes, especially if it's just her and Todd. All their drama is gone. They're married with the baby, so Joyce can hate him if she wants, but nothing is going to change. The restaurant is open. Kandi got an Essence cover, a role in Chicago, and got to participate with Xscape on her own terms. She had a really good year. She was mentioned a lot regarding the issues with Porsha from last season, but she never brought it up and she and Porsha never had any fireworks. So... yeah. Kandi is dry. But she's winning.

4. Porsha
Speaking of winning... Despite all the ladies wanting Porsha to wear her contrition like a widow at her husband's funeral, Porsha went on with her life and also had a really good year. Her radio show is doing well, she has her hair business, and she got a role in Two Can Play That Game. She still seems unwilling to admit that she was out here just making up lies about Kandi because she was mad, but she's apologized repeatedly for "her role" in the mess. It's the most we're going to get and that's fine. It's not interesting to see Porsha at her wits end, leaving trips and shit. Though... Marlo was trying to apologize at Eva’s party for antagonizing her in Barcelona. She probably should have been sober. And dressed as herself. But whatever. The bottom line is that Porsha didn't add to any mess this year, so we're probably stuck with her for another season.

5. Sheree
Ms. Whitfield did not have such a good year. The season started with her in therapy trying to get herself together after Bravo had her swimming in mud with Bob last season. She was working out and hanging out with her kids and chatting with her prison bae. It seemed like she was on track for a good season. But then it all kinda fizzled. She only had conversations with and about Tyrone. She was willing to film with Kim and that's simply the wrong side to be on. In the finale she got swept into Kim's Negativity Tornado and confronted Porsha (over something she wouldn't even know if messy ass Shamea was any kind of friend). She looked bad doing it though. Like... she claims to support Porsha, but doesn't understand why she would've told her "best" friend not to trust the girls as she's emotionally leaving Barcelona? Further she openly gossips about everybody, but she thinks she's trustworthy. And now everybody knows Tyrone is scheduled to be released in 2022. No more story lines left.

6. Kenya
So... I guess Kenya had a good year, too. But she wasn't on the show enough for me to really know. I know she got married, shot a PSA, and had a party for that PSA. Her scenes in other episodes were pretty limited and she was missing from Barcelona, of course. She'd make a better HOE friend than HOE at this point, even though now she's finally someone's wife. Her unwillingness to show her life on a reality show means she brings nothing to the table. She can't get by on her equal opportunity shade forever.


Nene is on the right track. Cynthia had a great 50th year. Kandi stayed in her lane all the way to the bank. Porsha's not apologizing to fake people. Sheree's prison bae storyline didn't pay off. Kenya's probably trying to cook up a way to keep her peach.


It was nice to see my favorite familiar faces doing my favorite messy things, but there were too many episodes and that lessened the impact of all the major drama.