Peaches be Trippin

Peaches be Trippin

We're back from the Super Bowl break and gearing up for this Spain trip so you know what that means... Filler episode! There's a dinner book-ended by a bunch of useless scenes to get us ready for next week's real fun.

Turns out Porsha's info was the same as everybody else's: Will's an opportunist, yada yada yada. While I don't really think he's using Cynthia, I'm sure he's lying to her for no reason. Still... if a bunch of people are telling you the same thing about a person, you gotta ask. And Cynthia is grown so she does. He's all, "Whaaa.... Meee... Opportunist? Doooh... What opportunity?" and it's ridiculous. (That whole scene annoyed me. Can you tell?) Because he is clearly an actor or somehow seeking visibility otherwise. This show is quite the platform and he's in quite the story line. So... yeah. It wouldn't be unheard of.

Shouldn't matter though... Cynthia's eggs shouldn't be exclusively in Will's basket. She shouldn't be mad at Eva on his behalf either. Regardless of whether she believes him, is focused only on "right now," or thinks he was justifiably defensive, putting Will on ice for a minute is a good idea.

Porsha wants friends again so she gets everybody drunk and feeds them vegetables... Her “No Beef” Dinner is cute. Get it? No mad cows. And no red meat. She invites everyone, but of course Kandi, Kenya, and Nene skip it because... why wouldn't they? Only the messiest and Cynthia make it. Marlo lets Cynthia know that they were all talking about her before she arrived. Then Marlo burps to distract the women from telling Cynthia a bunch of useless opinions. And she makes up the worst drunk lie in history just to have a reason to leave. Basically, Marlo saves yet another boring episode. Thank goodness she'll be in Barcelona...


Porsha don't want no beef. Nene won't tell you anything about your man, but she will tell everybody else. Cynthia knows yall are talking about her. Kandi should probably keeps tabs on Joyce. Kenya is family planning instead of trip planning. Sheree has never been to a frat house in real life.


Joyce is up to something. Why in the world would she meet with Porsha and sell dreams of reconciling with Kandi?

Six weeks late at 46 could be menopause and menopause could cause a false positive or inconclusive pregnancy test. But maybe this is a miracle baby. Or... a hail mary.

Cynthia and Peter are better apart. Seems like they divorced because they weren't friends anymore and this situation is better.