Peaches of Wrath

Peaches of Wrath

My freshman year in college I took a Black Experience class thinking it would be a nice easy ‘A.’ Who would know the black experience better than a black woman? But the class was very hard for me. The professor was a mess. She only talked to the four white students and she performed her blackness like she was gunning for an Oscar. She told the class that white women "fight fire with tears" and are complicit in all the historical evil deeds of this nation. It was all so extreme. I thought I was crazy, and I didn't believe anything she said. Until I started having run-ins with white women...

I know this is pretty heavy for a Real Housewives episode, but it was all I could think about watching this episode. Because Kim Zolciak is a problem. I mentioned before that Kim "likes hanging out on the bigot borderlines," but that might have been too kind. She's trashy, rude, and racist. And she's harmful to this cast of black women.

The Kim assault starts early. She's out with Sheree and somehow the conversation turns to Kandi and Porsha. Kim knows that Porsha made some "pretty harsh accusations" but she just can't keep herself from adding to them: "I know about Kandi," she starts. And Sheree just eats it up. "I wouldn't let her lick my box," Kim insinuates that Kandi tried to hook up with her. Sheree, self-proclaimed bone collector, is just beside herself with this new bone. And I can't stop rolling my eyes.

It doesn't matter if the statement is true or not. We all know this kind of shit travels fast. And in a climate where allegations of sexual assault are (rightfully) ending careers, this gossip could be ruinous for Kandi. Let's not forget that Phaedra and Porsha accused Kandi of attempted rape just a year ago. Were it not for the unreliable messenger and that confession on the last reunion, Kandi could have faced serious backlash and legal repercussions. So yeah... "harsh accusations." But Kim is sitting here implying that the truth is pretty close to those lies, just... not as harsh?

Nene was supposed to be at this dinner with Kim and Sheree, but she wisely declined. That doesn't stop Kim from maligning her, too. Kim's daughter, Brielle, saw a bug in Nene's outdoor bathroom, so... she must have roaches, "25 of them." And Nene must've been "on something" or "not really herself" at the party where Kim acted a fool, throwing glasses and such. It couldn't be that Nene didn't know what to make of Kim breaking shit in her house, huh? She had to be on pills or something to not want to be around a trashy person, right? Ugh.

As a white woman Kim benefits from white supremacy. Nothing she can do about that. That isn't even the problem. She takes it too far. She has no self awareness. She's obscene. She's lying about Kandi. And we all know how that goes. She accused Nene of being on drugs and being dirty. And then turns around and proclaims how much she supports Nene. That sounds real 45ish to me. When Nene pushed back and called Kim out, Kim starts talking some bullshit about lifting people up and claiming that Nene is actually in the wrong. That's just regular white woman-ing.

I'm pretty done with Kim. I probably won't mention her again. Flat out... Real Housewives of Atlanta didn't need a token to begin with and it's time for Bravo to drop this one back in the septic tank they fished her from.


Porsha was in Sharknado. Kenya is not the problem. Kandi is probably psychic. Sheree probably does care what you think about Tyrone. Cynthia is a pretty face -- and she reads. Nene sees elephants everywhere.


I think that when Nene told Sheree "the couple times I've been with you ... there have been elephants in the room," she meant that Sheree uses that phrase a lot when she's bring up the "bones" she's collected. It's not that Nene has an issue with Sheree; she just wants talk about the OTHER issues.

Sheree is definitely self conscious about Tyrone. Whenever she thinks someone has and issue, it must be Tyrone. Plus, she's always saying she doesn't care. Which... clear sign that she cares.

The only true thing Mbele said was that Kenya "not gon' be here much longer." I can't really see Kenya staying on this show past this season. She wants to be a wife not a real housewife