Petty Party

Petty Party

The last episode ended with "To be continued..." so we're back where we left it at Nene's party. Bravo producers and editors are petty bitches who reeeally know how to drag some shit out, ok? Let's talk about this expert-level reality TV story-making for a minute...

First... I haven't figured out Porsha's purpose this season, but she's a cast member so she's gotta have scenes. She's not invited to Nene's party. She's not bold enough to pop up there like she did at Kenya's housewarming party. SO. How do we get her in this episode? You set it up so Kim and Kroy go visit her. Whether Kim had that argument with Kenya or not, I'm sure the plan was always to go to Porsha's house for some shade after the party. But having Porsha just sit there waiting is bad for the story. Instead, they have her reconcile with her sister in some throwaway scene so she's not home alone. And then they have her sitting there... playing with her wigs? Whatever. Bottom line is, she's in the right place at the right time to drop her shady cents into the Major Drama bucket.

Now... this Major Drama sounds a little different than it looked as it was happening. We watch Kim & Sheree tell the story to Porsha; Kenya download with Cynthia, Nene, and Marlo; and Sheree tell the story to Kandi. Somehow in the retelling, Kenya said something about Kim's "injured son," and though we see Nene and Marlo appear a little shocked and disgusted by Kenya's "reassignment surgery" digs, we only see Cynthia nodding a lot. Not sure what she's nodding at but it looks like she's on Kenya's side. In these scenes a couple things are accomplished as far as the story goes. We got some show crossover with the addition of Kim's "injured son," since it was featured on Kim's spinoff. We've also drawn some friend lines in the sand placing Nene and Marlo on one side with Cynthia and Kenya on the other. (These 4 characters have had a. lot. of friend lines drawn around them over the years…) Finally, Kandi also gets to weigh in with her shade because she missed the party like Porsha. So now everybody is in the Major Drama.

Speaking of Kandi and the story... They're creating this struggle between being a good mother and a good business woman. So we get a lot about her hating that she's been out of town so much and she's happy to be home with Ace. But when Sheree comes around talking about a girls trip Kandi agrees to go. Now... we know this show is a job and Kandi missed the last Major Drama so she has to be around for the next one. They should have set this up a little differently. When Kandi says, "I ain't gon miss that for nobody," it begs the question, "Not even your son, sis?" I'm not a fan of that story.

Onto this trip... Cast trips are one of my favorite reality show tropes. They always set it up to make it look like it's a cast member's idea because then we get some sense of purpose and structure outside of a production schedule. This trip is supposed to be about healing. Marlo's presence is a "surprise." Kim was invited but "decided" not to go. What will the new drama be?

Will it be Porsha and Kandi? Nah. Kandi ignored Porsha at the airport. Will it be about Sheree and her new boo? The ladies are on this bus dramatically asking about Sheree being in love and feigning shock when she says it's Tyrone. But nah. That all sorta fizzles when they get off the bus. A dinner is coming up... could it be? Our new drama?

Yes! Kinda... Marlo's surprise appearance didn't make huge waves, but it did "inspire" Sheree to bring up Porsha and Nene's old mess. So now we've got those two going back and forth and weave buns blowing in the wind. But then we run out of time, so this story gets... another "To be continued..."


Kenya is on the right side of some mess for once. Cynthia wants you to know that Kenya is on the right side of some mess for once. Porsha is at home playing with wigs. Nene isn't jealous of Cynthia and Kenya's friendship? Kandi wants to be a good mom, but these girls trips pay them bills. Sheree is planning a calm, healing trip and inviting the people who bring the most drama.


So we're just gonna let Porsha go with the "...your injured son and hoe daughter" comment? OK.

Kandi is always hungry and I'm here for it: "If Sheree was gonna wear that same little sweatsuit to dinner then why did we have to wait 2 hours to eat?”

Porsha and Nene's bickering reminded me of another argument on another girls trip Marlo wasn't supposed to be on