This episode is reeeal meh. Like... there's nothing remarkable here at all. Not even the "big reveal" of Kenya's husband that they've been showing in every single trailer since the season was announced. There's nothing here that I haven't already talked about and we have one more whole episode left this season. Basically this season could have been a couple episodes shorter or laid out differently. But let's talk about Kenya.

Kenya Moore is a 90s icon for me. She won Miss USA in 1993 and went on to guest star on all my favorite TV shows growing up: Martin, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sparks, Living Single, The Jamie Fox Show, Girlfriends, and on and on. She was in music videos and classic Blackbusters. She was a paragon of black beauty. Smooth brown skin, long real hair, light eyes. She was everywhere. She was it.

So I was kind of excited when she joined RHOA in 2012. I hadn't seen her in a while. Apparently she had taken a more behind-the-scenes role over the years. I really wanted to like her on the show. But I didn't. Her personality is horrible. She starts drama and then blames her opponent. She makes shit up. It's not like she crushed my childhood or anything, but my disappointment was (temporarily) pretty severe.

However, as much as I dislike her reality show villain persona, I don't think she deserves most of the treatment she gets. Kenya didn't deserve to be called a whore by Phaedra or Porsha. Marlo didn't have to go below the belt when she tried to hurt Kenya by bringing up Kenya's mother not speaking to her. And Kenya doesn't deserve the scrutiny her marriage is getting right now.

I get it. Kenya's a piece of work. And the fact that she seems to enjoy being the villain just makes people hate her more. We all know her relationship with Walter was fake. But, with the exception of Kordell, all of Porsha's relationships have been fake, too. Cynthia's current situation with Will looks funny in the light as well. And she probably shouldn't have pointed the scepter at Porsha. But Porsha has turned around and done the same to Marlo. Basically, pretty much all of them are messy.

Regardless, there's no reason to dislike someone so much that you don't want to see them happy. If Marc makes her happy, why are they all asking if he's real? And look who's the loudest with it... Sheree wants people to stop talking about Tyrone being in prison because she's in love and he makes her happy. Yet she's on here talking about "...I don't know if that's really her husband." She got her damn nerve when her man is in prison for spending money that wasn't really his... I won't address Kim too much, but she's also very vocal about Marc being fake. Yet she claims to be happy. How? How do they love love and try to deny it when someone they don't like has it?

Again, I believe Kenya is married. Mostly because I don't care if she's not. Because she seems to be happy. For once she's not causing all the drama. She's not starting fights with people. She's focused on her own business, family, and friends. Finally, she's the regular-ass, cool-headed, slightly-shady housewife I hoped she would be when she joined the cast. That's not "reMarcable," but it sure it refreshing.


Kandi wants to own everything. Nene is 'strong as hell.' Kenya thanks those who hold her up daily. Cynthia finally meets Marc. Sheree has a lot of nerve questioning the authenticity of someone's relationship from her (unfinished) glass house. Porsha is giving accountability advice.


Are we really auditioning Rickey Smiley to be Porsha's next fake boyfriend?

Tyrone is talking about all the stuff he wants to put in the Chateau... Where is all his money coming from? Does he get a check for his RHOA "appearance?"

I love that we got to see 2 very different and nontraditional approaches to post secondary life and education. You got Brentt trying to be a comedian like his mom and Noelle interning with a dentist during her gap year. These kids are being parented real well.