Rock the Boat

Rock the Boat

This filler episode puts a nice bow on some minor story lines just in time for the show's winter break. Porsha's going on a blind date, but who cares. Nene's not even in the episode. Let's look at where everyone else is wrapping up this section of the season.

Sheree finally talks to her kids about Bob's abuse. It's maaad awkward and I wish she had done it off camera, but I guess she kinda had to do it this way. I can only hope she mentioned it or prepped them before they filmed. We also finally got to "meet" Tyrone by way of a phone call. I'm happy for Sheree's progress and her willingness to be vulnerable, but nah. We don't all want a prison bae, boo boo.

Cynthia confronts Kenya about her feelings and Kenya finally gives a direct answer as to why her friends haven't met her hubby. It all sounds like bullshit, but it's there. So hopefully they can stop with the pitiful solo scenes of Kenya on the phone with no one, crying to some dogs.

Cynthia also meets up with Peter about "business." Apparently he's opening a new club in Atlanta and Cynthia is in for 25%. So... that door is still ajar. We're sort of making it official with Will, too. He takes Cynthia on a nice boat date that includes car service, a chemistry-free kiss, and a Kandi interrogation. So... Will's door is also just ajar.

Kandi gets to spend some quality time with her kids. Adorable little Ace is learning to swim and beautiful blossoming Riley is learning to drive. I like seeing Kandi in these scenes because I remember her AJ days. I remember back in season 4 when Kandi was saying she wanted to be married and have another kid. Coincidentally, season 4 is also the season she met Todd while he was working on the South Africa trip. Shout out to the universe for putting what you need in front of you right on time.


Sheree is buying overpriced doors. Cynthia is still investing in Peter. Kenya has a logical answer for everything. Porsha has a personal assistant? Kandi did some investigating. Nene is not in this episode.


Does Miss Lawrence still do Sheree's hair? I mean... NoOf course not. But every time I see her hair, I think of him.

Although Kandi did some digging into Will's past, she failed to mention that his Steve Harvey dating appearance wasn't actually in search of love.

Come through with the questions that need answers, Jack Daniels! "Is this a fantasy?"