Storming Out

Storming Out

This episode saw half the cast in Houston lending a hand in Hurricane Harvey relief. It's great. Doesn't make for the best episode, but it is always good when these women can show they're whole people instead of just whatever role they fill on this show. Good will doesn't keep the drama away though...

Porsha invited all the ladies to Houston for her relief events. Unfortunately nobody really wants to do anything with her so nobody jumped at the opportunity. Cynthia has ties to Houston so she decided to go for her own projects and maybe to support Porsha while she's there. Kenya also has ties to Houston so she goes to help and support her bestie Cynthia. The majority of the episode is scenes of the ladies at these various events. Cynthia goes to Porsha's first one, Porsha goes to Cynthia's, Porsha has another, and then Cynthia and Kenya go work on the last.

When Kenya gets to the work site she's in work mode, and I understand. Her reaction to the devastation she sees is "fix it." So she's busy ripping drywall out of a damaged house when Shamea calls asking for directions. But like I said, Kenya is busy. So she says, "Ask the volunteers. Gotta go!" And... yeah, girl. Not only are there people everywhere, but there's also a camera crew following the people Shamea’s looking for. She can obviously finds the place without calling Kenya. When she gets there she starts telling Kenya, "Porsha sent me," yada yada yada. Nobody cares. Kenya is a little more tactful than I would be and tells her they can handle all that later.

Fast forward to the end of the evening and the ladies are having some BBQ (because it is Houston...). Porsha's sister starts talking some shit about Cynthia not attending Porsha's second event of the weekend even though Porsha went to Cynthia's event. "Why not support those who support you?" Excuse me? Cynthia showed up in Houston to help people, and she helped people. This whole argument makes it look like Porsha and Lauren showed up to take score.

Fueled by that dumb shit, Shamea decides this is the time to tell Kenya that she was rude earlier. And I seriously had to rewind because I thought I missed something good. But no. Shamea is an idiot. So she starts with her "I feel..." bull and Kenya tries to blow it off, "Psh. Girl... I was just busy. It's not personal." And this should have been the end of it. It really wasn't a big deal. But no. Shamea is an idiot. And she continues. "So you're dismissing me right now?" Girl, yes. GTFOHWTBS. Shamea's going on and on and saying she's not mad about it, but Cynthia isn't having it. ("You clearly are upset. We've been talking about it.") Kenya can't remain calm anymore and decides to go to the bathroom to be mad away from cameras because she's Grown Kenya with a Husband now.

Listen... Grown Kenya is cool, but Petty Bitch Kenya should have been at that restaurant that night. It would have been satisfying to see her get Shamea together. But... you know... growth is cool too I guess.


Porsha's a bad friend, but she's a good person. Cynthia is showing up where it counts. Kenya is not for play. Kandi is hanging with her family. Sheree isn't hanging up first. Nene is nowhere to be found.


Cynthia better let Kenya go be with her husband. They need to get to know each other...

Similar to the Kenya-on-the-phone scenes, I do not want to hear Sheree's conversations with Tyrone. I don't care about his Nene tea. These scenes add absolutely nothing to the show.

It really seems like Block only came around because he was being bashed on the show. Kids can see through the fake shit, I really hate that it made Riley cry.